Innovation token MCN

Welcome to our website dedicated to MCN. We are excited to present to you an innovative token that unlocks new possibilities in the field of virtual reality and payment systems. Let's explore how our token can transform your experience and become a key element of your success.

Innovation token MCN


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Benefits and Advantages


Benefits and Advantages

We strive to ensure maximum transparency and price stability for our MCN token, which is why we have decided to peg it to Bitcoin. We have determined the ratio between our token and Bitcoin and will facilitate token-to-Bitcoin exchanges to establish the correlation between them. This will allow investors and participants in our project to have confidence in the stability and transparency of our token's price.

Use of Funds

Use of Funds

One of the key advantages of our token is its high transaction processing speed. Thanks to blockchain technology, our token can process transactions in real-time, making it an ideal solution for fast and convenient fund transfers between users.

We are an experienced team
of professionals behind MCN

Our goal is to develop an innovative solution that addresses existing problems. Our team consists of experts with extensive experience. We strive to achieve high standards of quality and meet the needs of our users.


2nd Quarter 2023
Token Sale before Main Release

- Организация пресейла токена для привлечения ранних инвесторов

- List the token on the popular PancakeSwap platform

- Launch an effective advertising campaign and adjust marketing strategies

Partnership with CoinMarketCap

- Provide token information on the popular cryptocurrency resource

- Increase visibility and trust in the project among investors and traders

Negotiations for Collaboration with International Exchanges

- Establish partnerships with renowned global exchanges for token listing

- Expand token accessibility and liquidity on a global level

3rd Quarter 2023
Listing of the Token on Mex Exchange

- Ensure token availability and tradability on a leading exchange in Latin America

- Attract new investors and expand the community

Development and Enhancement of the Native Platform

- Implement new features and improve the user experience

- Ensure platform security and efficiency to meet user needs

Expansion of Token Influence on Other Platforms

- Establish partnerships with other cryptocurrency and financial platforms

- Integrate the token into the ecosystems of other projects to increase its usage and demand

4th Quarter 2023
Development of a Mobile Application for the Platform

- Create a convenient and functional mobile application to enhance platform accessibility and usage

- Provide mobile trading and asset management capabilities for users

Launch of Online Games on the Platform

- Develop and offer a variety of online games to attract users and increase activity on the platform

- Utilize the token within the game mechanics.

Strategic Planning and Continued Growth

- Develop a long-term project development strategy considering industry changes and user needs

- Explore new opportunities and technologies such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and artificial intelligence (AI) to expand functionality and attract new users.

2024 y.
Payment system

- Development and improvement of our payment system, providing convenient and secure payment transactions using our token..

- Integration with payment gateways and payment providers to expand the capabilities of the payment system and increase its acceptability for various businesses


- Implementation and development of a network of validators to ensure the security and efficiency of our blockchain.

- Involvement of decentralized validation nodes to ensure the distribution and reliability of the network.

Exchange offices

- Establish partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange services to facilitate the purchase, sale and exchange of our token.

- Expanding the availability of our token on various trading platforms and increasing its liquidity.

Points of translation

- Development of a network of transfer points where users can exchange our token for local currency or other cryptocurrencies.

- Expanding geographic coverage and establishing partnerships with financial institutions and payment providers to create a convenient network of transfer points.

2024 y.
Personal translation platform

- Developing and providing a personal fund transfer platform where users can manage their assets and make transfers using our token.

- Improve the user interface and functionality to make the platform user-friendly and intuitive.

Security Improvements

- Implement additional security measures, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and suspicious activity monitoring.

- Perform security audits and improve the security system to protect users assets and data.

Privacy Improvements

- Introducing private transactions and improving anonymity mechanisms to ensure user privacy.

- Developing and implementing technologies such as Zero-Knowledge Proof to protect personal information and ensure transaction anonymity.

Asset Distribution

All calculations have been made. But as the project progresses, changes may be made.

The tokenomics of our project is divided as follows:

Reserve Fund 25%
Liquidity pool 20%
ICO 2,5%
Airdrop 0,5%
Marketing 15%
Staking 20%
Referral program 7%
Developers 5%
Charity 5%